Pilates FAQs

Real People Pilates has an excellent track record for improving the health, mobility and well-being of people with the Pilates method. These safe, gentle and effective exercises will work for you.

Q. I have not exercised for a long time, do I need to be fit to do the exercises on the DVD?

A. The exercises in "Over 50s 1" are gentle and will help you to increase your strength and flexibility. There are two sections in the DVD and you can do the two sections independently until you build up your stamina.

Q. I have a bad back, are the exercises safe?

A. Yes the exercises in "Over 50s 1" are safe for people who suffer from back ache and the exercise choices in both were made in consultation with both a physiotherapist and an osteopath. Many people have found their back ache disappear with weekly practice of the DVD. "Over 50s 2" is meant as a progression but can still be suitable for people with back ache as long as it is not accute or you have recent pathology and you should have previous Pilates expereince. However please do not do any exercises that cause pain or an increase in your symptoms.

Q. Is the DVD suitable for people with osteoporosis?

A. It depends on what grade of osteoporosis you have. If you have a low grade and do not have a high chance of fracture then the exercises in "Over 50s 1" are suitable however "Over 50s 2" contains some exercises that would not be suitable.in fact for people with low grades have shown to be very good. There is a standing section and weight bearing exercises are important for people who have osteoporosis. However if you have any doubt about the suitability of any of the exercises then consult your doctor or specialist or the Osteoporosis Society.

Q. I have arthritis, will the exercises help me?

A. The exercises in "Over 50s 1" are re gentle and effective and have helped people improve strength and function who suffer from arthritis. The exerercises in "Over 50s 2" are safe amd will also help to impove strength and mobility.

Q. Is it suitable for people over 70?

A. Yes both "Over 50s 1 and 2" are suitable for people of all ages.

Q. I can not get down on the ground, will I still be able to do the exercises?

A. There are two exercise sections in "Over 50s 1", one where the exercises are done standing and one where the exercises are done on the floor. Some people who have worked out with the DVD have found that after a month of doing the standing exercises several times a week they then managed to get down on the floor to do the mat exercises because their strength and flexibility had increased by doing the standing ones. "Over 50s 2" also inlucdes a standing and seated exercise workout

Q. How often should I do the exercises?

A. Ideally 3 - 4 times a week and you will get optimum results quickly. However even once weekly will provide benefit.

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