Reviews from clients & customers

Its always great to hear that our video has helped peoples health. We would like to thank everyone who has bought our videos and thanks for letting us know what you think about it too!

050's 2 Not just for the over 50’s!  
  As a ski instructor, practising Pilates is very important to me. Having a strong core is vital for my athletic performance, but also for the day-to-day parts of the job - such as picking up beginners without hurting my back. Being 22, this DVD is not just for the over 50’s! I find it incredibly useful as a means of keeping on top of my fitness as well as providing some time to focus on myself after a busy day spent with other people.
Alison Suggett
5 star review The right way to breath and move your body
March 2021
050' 1 I found it very easy to follow.
C Gair
5 star review Nice and gentle
February 2021
050' 1 This is perfect for someone of a more senior year like myself. Great love it.
Amazon buyer
5 star review Detailed Pilates DVD
July 2020
050's 2 The detailed teaching points and selection of Pilates exercises is very good indeed. Perfect for the older age group.
Esta Walker
5 star review Fantastic  
050's 2 I am 73 with some mobility problems and in lockdown, but I think this is great. I can only complete a couple of tracks at a time, but I usually do this 3 or 4 times a day, so I work through the DVDs at my pace. I am sure it is great for fitter people who would want a longer workout. There are 3 demonstrators and one shows how to do more intense moves.
B.B Amazon customer
June 2020
5 star review Clear Instructions
February 2020
050's 2 I have just spent a pleasant hour doing the mat section of your DVD. I had only done about 10 Pilates classes before the lockdown but found your clear instructions and mini reminders very useful to keep my body on track.
Mandy Dixon
5 star review Very helpful
February 2020
050's 1 I have been poorly for a long time and lost all my core strength this is proving very helpful.
Amazon customer
5 star review Good DVD worth having  
Intermediate A well presented pilates session. Well explained as she does each exercise.
Jean R
January 2020
5 star review Brilliant
January 2020
050's 1 I was a little dubious that this would be far too simple and not give much of a workout but I was wrong. It is straightforward and easy to follow but, as a 71 year old, I found it helped me a lot.
It is easy to follow and doesn't involve standing on one leg at all. As I have really bad balance issues I found it all possible to do without a problem but, by the end of the exercises, I felt I had "worked" and got my muscles moving. I notice there is a second dvd for when I have progressed and will be buying that one too.
Mrs JD Rumble
5 star review Recommended
January 2020
050's 1 Currently undergoing chemo so wanted to do some exercise at home at my own pace. This fits the bill perfectly. Would be good for first time exercisers who are daunted by the thought of a class.
5 star review Great
November 2019
050's 1 I'm new to pilates and found this very easy to follow and start. Great for me atm recovering from hip surgery.
Julie Mcsorley
5 star review  Do as vigorously or gentle as suits you
November 2019
050's 1 I bought this product to help build up my strength after illness. It is gentle yet works all the important parts of your body.
5 star review Good for beginners
May 2019
050's 1 This starts with the real basics. Great if you want to get a beginners flavour for Pilates and/or build confidence before going to a class.
Amazon customer
A little easier than I expected
April 2019
050's 1 Good for those with mobility problems or first time, in later life, practising Pilates.
Although I have lumber back problems I find it very easy.
Amazon customer
5 star review Fantastic video
February 2019
050's 1 Have just started Pilates classes and this video covers all the basics I have been learning in my class. It is very easy to follow and very well put together. Would highly recommend.
Amazon customer
5 star review Clear instructions and advice
050's 2 Used following back sugery. Easy to follow and good for core.
5 star review Do you want to feel like a new woman?
September 2018
Intermediate I was half way through the summer holidays and hadn’t found the time for a Pilates workout. I was feeling stiff and in pain and so thought I’d give this ago. I couldn’t believe how good I felt afterwards. Re-aligned and energised and I can honestly say I felt like a new woman! As with Pilates you can push yourself as hard or soft as you choose depending on your mood. If you can’t get to your usual class this is a very good replacement therapy.
Georgina Oliver
5 star review Five Stars for this Pilates DVD
June 2018
Intermediate I have previously enjoyed working with Darcey Bussell’s DVD, as an introduction to Pilates, and was looking for something a little more challenging. I bought Liz Chandler’s Intermediate Workout and it is fantastic - just what I was looking for! Her teaching is so thorough, I feel that there’s less chance of me performing the exercises incorrectly with her. She is a wonderful teacher!
Sharon Swan
5 star review Excellent tuition for those unable to make classes
March 2018
050's 1

Brought for my partner who needs to strengthen his core as an old injury has knocked him out of balance and he is noticing a strained feeling after a hard day at work. Classes not an option due to work and caring responsibilities so we studied reviews and went for this set.

A couple of months on he's really noticing a difference in his core strength and posture- I've really noticed a difference too. Proud of him for sticking at it but he says this was easy as the dvd tuition is well explained and demonstrated. Already be is suffering less after a day of heavy lifting so this has been well worth it.
Suffolk n' stripey

5 star review Perfect for beginners
October 2017
050's 1 This is for complete beginners and it would suit someone like me who has just taken their first class and wants to practice at home in between classes. Would not suit someone who has been doing this before.
5 star review Excellent Purchase!
March 2017
050's 1 This is the first DVD I have done regularly, because it is easy to follow and just enough for me on a daily basis (70 something and not that fit!).
I can already notice my stomach is flatter which is a great start - wish this instructor would produce a couple more programmes for variation. The only small criticism - some background mood music would be nice.
Amazon customer
5 star review This dvd has changed my life
March 2017
050's 1 I bought this two years ago and my back is 90% improved. My balance has also improved. I wish i found it 30 years ago.
RV Williams
5 star review Great
February 2017
050's 1 Great pilates dvd that focuses on improving fitness, stamina, strength, posture, balance and mobility. Two easy to follow workouts. This would benefit anybody and not just those over the age of 50.
5 star review Easy to understand Pilates
February 2017
050's 2 Very well presented, good details for a beginner as well and a natural progress from the first beginner DVD.
5 star review Great DVD for 55s
February 2017
050's 1 Started this just before Christmas, have never done Pilates before, but I'm now joining a class as I feel I could fit in now.
Amazon customer
5 star review Really helpful
September 2016
  I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed both the over 50's DVDs. You explain each step really clearly so that it's possible just to focus on listening rather than having to keep watching to see what to do and I really like that you pick up on the small things that you need to remember to keep the whole body in balance during the exercises.
Amanda Smith (nearly 60!)
5 star review This is a great DVD for over 50s
August 2016
050's 2 This is a great DVD for over 50s who want to do some exercise but who can't manage more energetic workouts. The instructions are clear and the exercises flow into one another in a very natural way. There is no annoying music in the background and the explanations of the exercises and how to breath while doing them is very helpful.
Amazon customer
5 star review Excellent for beginners who want step by step instructions
June 2016
050's 2 Excellent for beginners who want step by step instructions. Pilates really is suitable for all ages and does make a huge difference, even though it does appear at times to be quite a simple,slower form of exercise. Have had years of back problems and a slipped disc two months ago. One session of pilates always makes me feel better and much more supple.
Sally B
5 star review Loved the short relaxation
May 2016
050's 2 Fabulous DVD! This works either as a home practice DVD for those with some previous experience (please don't think you need to be over 50!) for new exercise variations for teachers or as a recommendation to clients asking for a DVD suitable for home practice. Instructions are clear and precise throughout and there is a clear sense of flow and purpose to the main routine. Loved the short relaxation! I found the standing wall exercises really useful. This works either as a follow on to the first 'Pilates for the Over 50s' or as a stand alone DVD! Thank you Liz!
Amazon customer
5 star review The teacher is excellent as she shows you how to do everything  
050's 1 I bought this for my mum who has told me that the teacher on this DVD is excellent as she shows you how to do everything. She is very pleased with it.
May 2016
Definitely not for beginners
May 2016
Intermediate Definitely not for a beginner! DVD good quality and the work out is quite energetic. Not a relaxing work out but I feel great afterwards.
Sharon Cole
Good video giving you easy exercises to do
April 2016
050's 1 Good video giving you easy exercises to do and in two parts so you can choose to do the whole DVD or pick whether you have time to just do one section and then do the other section at a later time.
T Fitzwilliam
5 star review Looking forward to the new ones
February 2016
050's 1 I bought the original Pilates for Over 50s in 2012 after seeing reviews in Saga Magazine. I have used it regularly ever since and I know it off by heart. I look forward to the challenges of this new one.
Christine Evans
5 star review Excellent
February 2016
050's 2 If you are looking to do a home practice away from the your weekly class , I would recommend this DVD, easy to follow and excellent instruction.
Justine Blaber
5 star review Highly recommended
January 2016
Intermediate A excellent DVD, I loved it. Clear, easy to follow and challenging. I would particularly recommend it for those who wish to keep up their Pilates at home, it ensures the excercises are accurate and pushes one just that little bit further. The benefits of this DVD are immeasurable in helping maintain a good posture and preventing, or putting right the aches and pains that can accompany aging and a poor posture. My own experience of Pilates has saved my sanity, suffering from persistent pain following surgery I can now, with ease, walk 2 miles a day, garden, generally lead a very active life and even touch my toes!
Archie Blue
5 star review Over 50 and a Beginner - Perfect
January 2016
050's 2 I read the description carefully as I am both well over 50 and new to Pilates. This is not for the already knowledgeable but for people like me. I have practised yoga in the past but found this dvd far better at explaining the underlying philosophy and building up carefully and slowly to stretches and movements. The presenter's voice is perfect, knowledgeable but not grating. My husband is joining me on this new venture and he too agrees that is pitched perfectly to the over 50 beginner. I am delighted I made this choice and am bemused who think it too easy because it is absolutely clear whom it is for.
J West
5 star review Very well organised
050's 1 Avery well organised DVD and in plain language and easy to follow.
Paul Searle
September 2015
Informative and helpful
Sharon Toogood
August 2015
5 star review Well explained  
050's 1 I have only just started it, but I think it will teach me the principals and basic moves from which I can work out my own programme for when I don't want to exercise with the DVD
July 2015
5 star review Simple and achievable. Easy to understand.
Ann Yorke
July 2015
April 2015
050's 1 This is a very good DVD for those who are just starting Pilates and supports any classes a person may be attending. Fairly low level activity compared to a live class.
5 star review Very useful
February 2015
050's 1 Good to see an exercise DVD for people over 50. Cannot do all the exercises because of a mobility problem with one of my legs but useful all the same.
Ideal for over 50's Beginners
October 2014
050's 1 Good beginner's Pilates CD. Clearly demonstrates basic moves, positions and correct breathing techniques.
Denise Slade
5 star review Not just for over 50's
September 2014
050's 1 Great instructor. She really has a connection with her clients. Good exercises for those who haven't had much experience or little in Pilates not matter what age.
SD, London
5 star review Simple start
May 2014
050's 1 As a newcomer to Pilates I have found this very helpful. The explanations are clear and the exercises slowly increase in level of difficulty. I can follow them in spite of having back problems and the instructions tell you when to take extra care or avoid overstraining a problem area. Definitely for the cautious beginner.
5 star review Well structured instructions
March 2014
050's 1 Very well structured so that there is no strain or potential "damage". I've learned to be constantly aware of my hip alignment.
5 star review Extremely helpful tuition
September 2013
050's 1 I purchased your DVD about 1 year ago and find that it is extremely helpful as I have MS and Pilates was suggested to me. I am age 52 and find these exercises challenging yet achievable at the same time, if that makes sense!!! A friend gave me a loan of a Pilates DVD with exercises for a flat stomach, however they were designed for “young fit people” as they were so quick I was unable to keep up with them. I thank you for the fantastic DVD as it has helped me immensely with my balance.
Jean Robertson
5 star review Superb quality of instructions
August 2013
  I came to Pilates later in life, in my early 40's and have been practicing for 13 years. I had an early history of teaching aerobics in the 1980's, and as a result, suffered many injuries. I just can't say enough about what Pilates has done for me, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I am now about to embark on my own study to become a proper instructor myself, and recently discovered your 'Real People Pilates' DVD. It's my goal to eventually teach people who have had injuries and mobility issues, and I just can't say enough about the quality of instruction in the DVD. It's quite obvious that you have done the proper training, and your level of knowledge is an inspiration. Thank you so much for setting such a wonderful example for future teachers.
Katie Lynne Young
5 star review Very pleased
May 2013
  Did quite a lot of research before choosing this DVD, and I am really pleased with it. Definitely for the older person, but its not patronising, just clear, easy to understand instructions. I particularly like the pacing, I don't have to keep pausing it to get into position, or check breathing, or body position. Have already recommended it to a lot of my friends.
5 star review Looking forward to the next one
June 2012
  I have purchased your DVD and think it is great as I have recently been recommended to try Pilates by a health professional. I am age 51 and have only tried this a couple of times as I have only received the DVD. I have already noticed a difference and it has also made me sleep better!
5 star review My Favourite Pilates DVD
August 2011
  I have found your DVD really helpful and gentle and the instructions very clear. I go on to your website from time to time to see if you have made another one. It would be good to have a different routine at the same sort of level. I have tried other DVDs and find them quite good but yours I really enjoy. I have also attended classes but I do prefer your DVD which at seventy eight is helping to keep me mobile.
Eileen Ward
5 star review This worked very well for me
Nov 2010
  As a very late beginner I can work at my own pace. It is so helpful to be reminded of the important co-ordination of breathing with movement. I believe that even after a few weeks I am finding a general improvement and I feel I have reason to be optimistic about enhancing my general well-being in the longer term, which is pretty good news when you're 82!
5 star review Very good - perfect pace for me
6 July 2010
  I found the DVD really good and it helped me after my operation. Because you speak and do the exercises slowly I could follow it easily. I found it great!"
Mrs Winter
5 star review Really works the abs
23 May 2010
  Really good for those of us recovering from a surgery that prohibits us from doing a more aerobic type exercise.
Ayd, Tennessee
5 star review Excellent Dvd - easy to follow
7 Feb 2009
  I have watched this Dvd many many times, I found it so easy to follow, each exercise was broken down into easy to remember segments, I felt re-vitalised after and will definately keep at it. I loved it so much, I actually bought copies for all members of my family who are now regular participants and enjoy it equally as much as me.
5 star review Easy to understand and follow
22 Dec 2008
  This has helped me with back pain and created an awareness of the importance of deep breathing and maintaining correct posture. Liz provides a understandable explanation of the basics of Pilates. In addition, there is an excellent selection of floor and vertical exercises to observe and then follow. In following the clear and concise instructions that Liz gives for these exercises, I am more confident I am doing them correctly. 

Watching Janet, Syliva & Derek, people in my age range, doing the exercise with such ease is very encouraging. I also found the interviews to be reassuring and enjoyable. 

I have strengthened my core muscles which in turn helps the back pain and maintaining correct posture. The practice of deep breathing is helpful with pain, stress and provides an overall feeling of wellness. In addition to doing regular work sessions, doing deep breathing with a few exercises will alliviate pain experienced after sitting or standing for an extended time. Pilates & deep breathing has changed my life and I look forward to a sequel. Try it! 
Mr Bill
5 star review An excellent DVD
10 Dec 2008
  An excellent DVD which provides a clear and concise explanation of the basics of Pilates. Liz's instructions for the exercises are easy to follow and observing folks my own age has been very encouraging. It has helped me to strengthen my core muscles which in turn has helped my back pain. In addition to doing a regular work session, doing the deep breathing with a few exercises will alleviate pain I experience after sitting or standing for an extended time. It's very easy to listen to and it works...try it! I have recommended this DVD to all my friends.
5 star review This DVD is superb
15 Sep 2008
  This DVD is superb. The exercises are so clearly explained and enjoyable, and I feel certain it will make a significant contribution to my general fitness and flexibilty.I am delighted to have discovered it.
Another Pilates convert
5 star review Highly recommend this DVD
21 Jul 2008
  Before watching this DVD, I had never been to a gym or attended an exercise class in my life but, having just turned 70, I thought it was time to get a bit fitter. I found the instructor beautifully clear and easy to follow and I felt the benefits of the exercises after only one week. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone over 50 (or 70!).
Pilates Convert (Ireland)

5 star review 50+ - Pilates is for you!
9 June 2008
  Having watched this dvd I was motivated to start Pilates classes for myself. It has clear easy to follow moves - and the instructor - Liz is very encouraging with the three very enthusiatic students Sylvia, Derek and Janet, try it and see!
Beth (Essex)
5 star review A must have Pilates DVD
26 Mar 2008
  This is an excellent DVD and not just for the over 50s - ideal for anyone new to the Pilates technique as very clear and consise. As a Pilates instructor myself I will definitely recommend to my clients.
A. Taylor

5 star review Excellent
8 Mar 2008
  I loved this DVD - it was wonderfully clear and easy to follow, the pace was perfect and best of all it works. I have found that after regular use it has improved my posture, really strengthened those 'core muscles', (no more flabby tummy!) helped with my back problems and also the breathing has improved my asthma so much that I no longer use my inhaler at all. Highly recommended.
Archie blue "Cari"
  Precise and Clear
28 Mar 2008
  I liked the Pilates class for those with back problems, when I got there. It did gradually improve my back, my posture and my general well being. It really did prove beneficial and also enjoyable. I now attend a class at a local Health Club. It is true that one does need expert direction and I wanted the DVD to do some at home - that is why I ordered your DVD. I think it will work as a supplement to my once weekly classes. The instructions are precise and clear.
5 star review A great introduction to Pilates and a friendly guide.
3 March 2008
  Excellent! I highly recommend this DVD. Liz Chandler is an inspiring teacher and the workout is extremely effective. She talks very clearly in a friendly manner and explains everything so you understand why you are doing it. Firstly she explains the principles behind Pilates then she goes on to lead you gently through a series of standing and mat exercises.
Although the DVD is aimed at over 50's it works equally well as an introduction for anyone. The clients she uses are older people and actual clients of hers rather than models and at the end there is a section where they are each interviewed and they give their thoughts on their physical background, how they got into Pilates and how it has benefited them.